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I was going to make a meaningful post and all that, but I don't really have anything meaningful or even vaguely important to say. So I will share a strange experience from my yesterday:

I was told last night at the choir concert that I have a nice ass by at least 5 girls. At first it was just Bethany and she's uninhibited like that, so I just took it as a compliment and moved on. Then a few minutes later, a bunch of the other girls were like, "Yeah, you know, she's right." ...ookay, that's nice. Once they nominated me for singer of the month (!!!) because of it, I decided someone somewhere was laughing at my expense.

At least I didn't win, that's all I can say.

Anyone else care to share vaguely odd/horrifying/humorous things that have happened to them recently?
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Costume Dilema

My dress options for Kristen's costume party are as follows:

  • Crowley. I can borrow some of Alex's clothes, steal my sister's shades, and...do something with my hair. Not sure what.
  • Anathema. Same as above, though won't have any worries about the hair.
  • Could borrow Katie's armor and go as a Celtic Xena type warrior.
  • Go as an uber-goth with loads of black eyeliner, very pale makeup, red lipstick, and temporary green hairdye. Not exactly a costume but far enough from my style that I should think it would count.
  • The toga. This would be my last option.

I think I'm going to go as Crowley. I have the right coloring, and I have or can borrow most of the clothes. Except for the boots, but can work around that.

Oh, how about adding Jillian to the community?

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